Doomsday Kingdom Issue #1 Second Printing

Doomsday Kingdom Issue #1 Second Printing

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Doomsday Kingdom Issue #2 - This is the official SECOND Printing with a brand new cover. Packed with 24 pages of story including bonus content pages in the back.

You can order the comic OR a signed version by the Writer Ronny Haze.

The Artist lives in the UK so his signature is only available at limited times.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ORDER NOW AND HAVE US SHIP IT LATER, WHEN ISSUE 3 RELEASES, THEN PLEASE ATTACH A MESSAGE TO YOUR CURRENT ORDER. Feel free to reach us at if you have any questions before you order. THANK YOU for all your support!

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Doomsday Kingdom Issue #001 - The Feeding Post: The Rider, on a horse, watches his Prisoner, tied to the feeding post, as Zombies walk closer and closer. In a moment, the winds will shift and the Rider will have to face his past... to save his future.