Doomsday Kingdom Issue #1 - Blank Sketch Commission

Doomsday Kingdom Issue #1 - Blank Sketch Commission

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Doomsday Kingdom (Blank Sketch Variant) Issue #1 First Print

If you are new to these SKETCH VARIANTS, it still has the regular cover and issue inside. Comes already in a bag and board. There is a blank thick sketch cover over the standard issue that can be drawn on by your favorite artist, by yourself or kept just as it is. These are very limited, we'll restock until we run out. 


Commission spots are very limited to 5 orders. Have the artist James Milne draw a custom image, choose from front only or a full wraparound. You can have any character from any show, game, movie, comic etc you desire. See examples for some ideas. 1-2 characters and a simple background. Email your commission request at and James will communicate with you.

Due to time restraints with producing the issues, these will be shipped separately to any other order you may have made, unless stated by email as these are drawn in the UK. Commissions will be completed in 2-8 weeks including delivery.

Doomsday Kingdom Issue #001 - The Feeding Post: The Rider, on a horse, watches his Prisoner, tied to the feeding post, as Zombies walk closer and closer. In a moment, the winds will shift and the Rider will have to face his past... to save his future.

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