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Doomsday Kingdom Comic “Production Goals” from Oct. 2018 into 2019


GOAL #2 - Oct 26th

The Samples for Issue #3’s physical copies arrived today, completing goal #1. We spotted an issue with the files that needed a small adjustment and then cleared the issues for print. Next, we are at the mercy of the printers to get them made and shipped out to us, so we can ship them to you!

*Checking samples for approval now 10/26

*Samples Cleared to MASS Print! 10/29

*Issue #3 Stock Ordered 10/29

*Printer is “Reviewing Files” 10/30 - 11/25

*Printer is Printer our order! 11/26

*Our comics have shipped from the printer!! 11/27


GOAL #01 - Oct 11th

Three Part Goal: 1) Send Issue #3 files to printer, 2) receive physical copy samples and 3) “Okay” for mass printing.

*Files sent 10/12/2018

*Printer Processing files 10/12 to 10/21

*Printer “Printing” Sample copies 10/22

*Printer shipped samples 10/23

*Received Samples to Approve! 10/26

003_01 Samples 01.jpg

SAMPLES! 10/26


Previous Goals

Our “Production Timeline” only started after we released issue #2. In summary, so far (as of Oct 2018) we have successfully released Issue #1 digitally. Followed by a physical release in a few variations. There’s (A) standard Cover, (B) Day Variant, (C) Night Variant (D) Blank Sketch Variant and the (E) 2nd Print Variant. Next, we released Issue #2 digitally, again, followed by a physical release. Only one Issue #2 cover has been made so far, no variants yet. We have successfully handled over 1500 orders to date and will set up some type of review section on this website for newcomers to know, this is legitimate and you will receive what you order. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions at During very busy production, we check the email once a week, so please be patient. We will respond. Thank you!

Order Prep 03.jpg

Doomsday Kingdom #1


Stock 01.jpg

Pulling Stock!

Pulling copies to fill orders!

001 Blank (4).jpg

Blank Sketch!

Doomsday Kingdom Issue #1 BLANK SKETCH VARIANT! A few of these are still in stock HERE!

001_SS (3).jpg

Signature Series!

The Collectors Favorite, double signed, wrap around full cover display and bookplate! Limited to 150 and only around ten left in stock HERE!


Some Images from the community!