Doomsday Kingdom Issue #4 NEW Release and RESTOCK Explained!

YES, Guess what I just did? I pulled and processed 20+ orders the SAME DAY they came in!

Late last night, I quietly updated the website stock for issue #4 and posted on the PRODUCTION TIMELINE in order to test out the new set up. I also just moved, which affected my ability to keep up with weekly updates, but now that I am settled. We will be updating EVERYTHING we do, production wise, with each of you over at the Production Timeline tab. With images too! Now let’s get into the details!

ISSUE #4 PHYSICAL COPIES! We received our first batch of USA printed Issue #4 physical copies with two different styles! We have the standard Issue #4 with an option to have it signed by me, the writer. There is also a version with a super slick LAMINATED COVER that comes with the Signature Series option. ALL Issue #4 options will be restocked EVERYDAY in order to keep the shipping from backing up. If we sell a thousand copies in just the first three days, I will not be able to keep up with shipping them quickly. So I will try to restock the website with Issue #4’s everyday around 5:30pm EST.

PREVIOUS RELEASES! As for Issue #1 , #2 and #3, we have fresh restock coming Monday 8/19. We will have the website fully stocked as soon as that package arrives and order restocks EVERY TWO WEEKS. Again, this is where the Production Timeline will become very useful. Anytime certain issues are temporarily out of stock, we will make an update post there, as well as track the printing and restock processes.

OUR NEW METHOD! So to summarize and for new readers. When we started, we used a “Pre-Order” structure, kind of like crowdfunding, in order to purchase physical copies. Although this was necessary, it was also very difficult and created a very long waiting period from ordering to receiving your items. We are now fully committed to moving away from pre-orders and only selling what we currently have IN HAND so we can ship as many orders as possible within 1-3 days. There will be a transition period but we are confident, within a few months, we will have a smooth system in place and making upgrades wherever possible. Again, all new releases will be stocked daily for the first month or so and all previous releases will be stocked every two weeks until the print runs are completely sold out. As I stated before, I pulled and processed 20+ orders just a few hours after they came in and will be shipping them off in less than 24hrs from the time the orders were placed and I can’t even put into words that great feeling of pride and happiness I have just being able to ship out orders knowing they’ll be in your hands in just a few days! Just incredible!

UK and INTERNATIONAL ORDERS! Sadly, international orders have their own obstacles that will always be out of our control. We stick by the motto, if you pay the shipping, we’ll do whatever we can to get it to you. For the UK orders, the shipping is very affordable because we wait for a bunch of orders to come in and then send them to the UK together which then get individually shipped out by the Artist (James Milne) who lives there. Also, there are a few select International Countries that can take advantage of this process, so either contact us ( or take a close look during checkout as to your different options if available.

We are working to make this website more active, so feel free to comment below and check back often!! Thank you all for helping to bring this project to life!