Lately, we have received a lot of emails and messages from readers asking when we will restock the physical “unsigned $3.99 standard” options on the site for Issues 1 & 2. The quick answer first and then I will follow up with an explanation and why we make some of the choices we make.

QUICK ANSWER. When the Doomsday Kingdom Issue #3 pre-orders open, we will also put up a three Issue Bundle Set containing Issues #1, #2 & #3 (both unsigned and signed options will be available). At this time, Doomsday Kingdom Issues #1 and #2 will ONLY be available in either the three Issue Bundle option, the Ronny Haze Signed option, or the Signature Series options.

BUT WHY? The biggest problem stopping us from continuing to sell standard physical $3.99 copies, after we fulfill all the pre-orders, is the price we pay for production. Selling a single issue at $3.99 actually costs us money. For example, Issue #2 cost us $3.88 per copy to print and have shipped to me from the printer. That leaves just $0.11 profit to start for each copy and we still have to pull the orders, package and ship either by hand ourselves or hire help. (With not enough profit to hire help, we have to do the work ourselves and then we can’t work our day jobs at the same time hence we miss out on hours. During Issue #1, I personally took three weeks off of work to ship USA orders. I f I didn’t, it would have taken a long time to ship around my schedule. Please don’t read this as a complaint, it’s just a factual breakdown of the process.) The cost has been worth it because we get a great print quality. So our comic can sit, side by side, with professional comics and you’d never have guessed it was an indie title.

Every time we release a new issue, we create a digital option for those wanting to read the story right away. For physical copies, we open pre-orders to get an estimate on how many copies we need, to fill the orders and how many extra copies to stock the website for a period of time. We have multiple different physical options that all offer something a little different.

When the issues are first released, we can only sell a limited amount for cover price ($3.99), without hurting our financial foundation but to continue doing so for an unlimited amount of time would hurt the whole process slowly over time. A good 70% to 80% of our orders are currently single issue orders.

We hope you understand and we are working at some type of solution. For example, maybe having the standard unsigned copy of each issue come with a trading card, bookmark, sticker, or small print of some type (comic sized or smaller.) and charge more than cover price but less than the signed option? This idea for “extras” will only work if we get a special deal on the printing cost for those extras. I already have some promo deals we might be able to use that will cut us a really great deal and might even allow this to be possible. The actual “hands on work” will likely remain an obstacle, until and if, we grow a lot larger as a presence in the Indie comic industry. Again, just ideas we’re working on.

The comment section below is active, so we’re always open to hearing what cool extras you’d like to see one day included! Let us know! Thanks so much for all the support!!

-Ronny Haze