WE DID IT! WE DID IT! James and I are so stinking excited! We both were bummed out that we didn’t get to release yesterday but there was just more we wanted to get done so the issue was looking its very best and I have to say… I am damn proud or this issue! There is so much I love about it! I hope you find some things to love about it as well!

I have to say, the art work and coloring, OD WOW!! I read the PDF file, and if you do too, then scroll slowly and don’t let your eyes wander and spoil the coming panel, cause I really think you will truly enjoy this one! Things are starting to really breakdown into chaos!

Issue 3 is a great set-up for the chaotic issues to follow! Some heavy stuff is coming!! Thanks for believing in us! We will not let you all down! Go read issue 3 and let me know what you thought, you can comment here or anywhere on Social media. You can tag us on twitter @d00msdaykingdom or find us on Facebook HERE.


PREVIOUSLY in Issue 2: After enjoying a fireworks display with friends and family, fevers start bringing the community of Wilkes-Barre into a full blown panic.

SYNOPSIS of Issue 3 - Tristan reels from a tragic and sudden loss while traveling to meet his sister, through a city that’s falling into madness.