UPDATE: So very close, we’ve been working all day straight. Digital to read should be up very soon! Will have the pre-orders for physical open in 24-48 hours! (Good news coming with that though, meaning faster shipping on this issue! Explain details soon!)

The time is here! We are working like crazy to get issue 3 out as soon as possible! I would have liked to release the issue first thing this morning but, both James and I, still have some tweaks to make. Don’t worry though, we are still hopeful about releasing today, just might be a few hours.

After the issue drops digitally, we will then open physical pre-orders and also slowly update the website and expand some things, so expect some cool stuff to follow the release as we continue to grow! If you have an order on HOLD, please stay tuned for the “hold code” so you’re not over paying for shipping, even if you do, don’t worry. We catch it in the shipping stage and refund the extra few bucks.

I have some work to get back to, so I’ll include the limited edition bookplate artwork below so you can see it in case you missed the update video from Make A Path Presents. Thank you all for the continued support!


-Ronny Haze

6x9 Signature Series 003 clean.png
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