Ronny with his 7 year old daughter.

Ronny with his 7 year old daughter.


Ronny is the creator and writer for DOOMSDAY KINGDOM© living in Raleigh NC, United States.

After a decade of being a gangster (or thug, depending on who you ask), his daughter was born, forcing him to reevaluate his life and pick a new career opportunity.

On June 10th 2013, he created the YouTube channel Make A Path Presents (MAPP). Hitting a huge goal of 100,000 subscribers he was convinced about expanding. The "MAPP Family" had been showing a huge amount of support towards one project in particular. A Zombie genre story code named "Dead Living."

The story, originally, was going to be a series of novels until a viewer sent in some art and concepts based off the first preview released. Long story short, that was the start of Ronny Haze and James Milne, one writing the story and one drawing the art, bringing yet another Zombie story to the people.

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James is a comic book, fashion illustrator and graphic design artist living in Manchester, United Kingdom.

He used to be a chef having studied the trade for 3 years (graduated half a year before everyone else) and got plucked to be part of a brand new fine dining Japanese Restaurant on John Dalton Street, Manchester causing him to leave his home town of Grimsby.

After a two year stint the establishment sadly closed, but an unexpected jump to professional photographer quickly came about within only four weeks of owning a camera and was contracted for a London music editorial magazine - Big Cheese to photograph various bands and Download Festival.

He soon evolved to shoot portrait photography freelance for a couple of years before landing an in house job for a women's fashion company.

In the dark hours of the day he wonders what it would be like to be eaten by a zombie and one day become one, for now though he is more than content in finding out this answer while drawing Doomsday Kingdom.

Life is good. 

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