Please read before purchasing a pre-order item.

In order for us to ensure we have enough issues for everybody and to avoid over ordering, we will put up Doomsday Kingdom for pre-order for those who wish to have a physical copy of the comic. For this to happen we have to take the payment up front as the printing press will require a lump sum in advance before going into production. This is a much better way than doing a kickstarter, hoping that it gets successfully funded in however long the campaign runs and then as a backer have to wait an undisclosed period of time in the manufacture and shipping process.

Before we put any issue online for Pre-Order, the comic issue will be fully completed and ready to send off for printing that same day. These listings will be online for 2-4 weeks at our discretion, depending on how many pre-orders are purchased in the time frame. This is subject to change as and when needed. We will aim to have a small excess in stock so that when the pre-orders are cut off they can be put up for general sale once the pre-orders have been fulfilled and shipped. With this being an independent venture, for the time being we cannot print physical copies indefinitely since we will also be shipping everything ourselves and need to juggle this between producing new content and issues. Do not panic if you miss out on getting a physical copy as we do aim to produce a 2nd Printing and/or 3rd Printing with each new issue print run. For example Issue 2 will go for pre-orders, stop at 1000 or when the cut off takes place (whichever comes first) and then a small printing of say 100 of issue 1 will be made. These will go online for general sale as soon as they are in stock. 

Ultimately the goal is to use some of the money from digital sales of the comic and prints/merch to go back into the production of future issues so that the pre-orders are less of a requirement before making physical comics or to simply pay for shipping assistance in the future.